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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


My mom has been begging me to read this little book that she gave to me called,
"Engerize- 100 Natural Ways to Recharge". I guess she feels I need a little energy boost! What mom doesn't right??!! I got a lot out of the book, and thought I would share a few helpful tips each day this week!
So here we go:

1. When stress is zapping the energy right our of you, counteract it with energy-giving foods. This means you should fill up on food in it's natural state. Examples: raw fruits and vegetables, whole-wheat bread, nuts and seeds.

2. Bananas are the ultimate "feel good"food. They are a starch, rich in fiber. They offer quick-release, slow-acting energy, and also contain mood-enhancing ingredients like B6. Grab a banana instead of a chocolate bar the next time you need to "feel good"!!

3. Had an exhausting week? Treat yourself to a Japanese meal! Seaweed is known to boost energy levels. SO, grab a seaweed salad and your favorite maki and you should start to regain some energy for your weekend!!

Information from "Energize" by Carol Morley and Liz Wilde

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