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Friday, October 30, 2009

fight the lines!  

I don't know about you...but I am in my thirties now, and the appearance of fine lines is becoming an every day occurrence! Eye creams definately help a lot, but I just found a fabulous new solution! I read about this in US Weekly and it works! A skin care professional who works with celebrities says, to apply petroleum jelly over your favorite eye cream at night! It helps to trap moisture around your eyes and plumps up delicate skin while you sleep! I have been doing this for about a week now, and it really works!! So go out and get your self some petroleum jelly and plump while you sleep tonight!!!
Let me know if it works for you!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Do you love the look of your boots over your skinny jeans, but sometimes have trouble getting your jeans inside the boots? Do you have to stuff your jeans into your boots, only to find that they bunch up? These problems can ruin the chic look of skinny jeans and boots. You want your jeans to fit snug inside the boot, with no bunching!! If you have these problems..I have a solution for ya...

Stiruppz were invented by 2 fashionable women who had these problems, and realized that countless other fashionistas did too! The idea is simple, a piece of elastic with clips on each end! I have tried them and they are comfortable enough to wear all day long!  The clips, clip onto the bottom of your jeans on each side and keep them securely in your boots!!

So I suggest you check out Stiruppz to avoid your next fashion disaster!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

cover up...  

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!! Are you cooking on Turkey Day? Well, if you are I have some really fun, creative ways to stay "covered up" and clean in the kitchen! If you are like me, and only cook once in a blue moon, and you need a way to make this marathon holiday meal prep fun...well check this out! I found some very fashionable, vintage style aprons at Anthropolgie. Here are a few of my favorites:

Stockholm Floral Print- $28.00
This apron is so cheerful and very functional with front pockets and an adjustable neck strap.

Jitterbug Apron- $32.00
Dance around the kitchen in this polka dot, with embroidered flowers cover up!

The Lady's Apron- $32.00
My personal favorite! Serve up some girlie cocktails and yummy cupcakes in this feminine little apron!

Not sure where to store your apron after the holidays are over,and you are no longer required to cook!!?? Check out this cool Antique Spoon hook for $18.00, also from Anthropologie.

Now you can look fabulous when you greet your guests at the door, after slaving in the kitchen all day! All aprons can be found at!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

very rewarding...  

Let's face it, we all like getting something for free, especially these days! I have found that more and more retailers are implementing reward programs to intice shoppers! These programs are not just for groceries anymore! From books to makeup, retailers are giving the consumer a way to earn something for their continued loyalty. I have found 2 in particular that I really love!!  Sephora's Beauty Insider program and Nordstrom's "mod card". The Nordstrom "mod card" is more like a debit card than a rewards program, however, I treat it like one! You will understand once I explain!
I am a strong supporter of these programs. If a store is going to reward you for shopping, why not give them the business over the competition. If I have to buy make-up I will go to Sephora just so that I can earn points! If I have to buy anything else, I go to Nordstrom (my friends can attest to this)!!!
Here is how each one works:

Instead of using a Nordstrom credit card (my husband would kill me) I use the Mod Card. It acts as a debit card. Each week, the total amount I have spent at Nordstrom gets added up and deducted from my checking account. Why use this and not just use my debit card you ask?? Nordstrom gives me 2 points per dollar spent on my mod card! When I total 2000 points I receive a $20.00 Nordstrom Note (gift certificate) in the mail! During certain times of the year, (Anniversary Sale and 1/2 yearly sale) they will give you double or triple the amount of points per dollar spent! So I figure, why not give Nordy the business, if they are going to give me something in return!!

Sign up for a free Beauty Insider card and start earning points immediately. You get 1 point per dollar spent and then receive a free delux sample when you reach 100 points!, enough for multiple uses and I fell in love! They also give you a "get-gorgeous"gift on your birthday! So, why wouldn't you shop at sephora for your beauty needs??!!

So ladies, check out the reward programs in your mall and sign up!! It's time we get something for free!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

animal instincts...  

I wish I could be a fly on the wall when my college friends read this blog entry!! When my sorority sisters first met me, on the first day of rush, I was decked out in animal print!! I am talking leopard hat and denim jacket lined in leopard faux fur! I have yet to live that one down!! Well girls get ready, cause animal print is back this fall in a big way! Just because I am a mom now, does not mean that I am not going to pull that hat and jacket out of the archives and sport it proudly! I bet you can't wait to see pictures!

Animal print is everywhere right now, from sweaters to handbags, there are small, inexpensive ways in which you can add this hot trend into your wardrobe!
Here are a few pieces that I like:

Knot front leopard tank from Express $34.50- I love this top. I think this shoulder baring, deep scoop neck is very sexy and feminine. Great for a date night!

Animal print shirt dress from Armani Exchange $49.00. I think this is such a cool statement piece! Wear it alone or with black leggings!

Small wedge heel from Steve Madden $109.95- I think these shoes are fabulous! The wedge heel is perfect for day or night. Wear with leggings or jeans and you will instantly update your look!

Ruffle Cardigan from J.Crew $88.00- I love this cardigan because the abstract animal print is a bit more subtle. The jewel-like buttons give it a retro feel! Pair with skinny jeans and layered necklaces for a sexy-chic look!

Leopard Uggs on $53.00- Let's not forget about the kiddos! They too can be on trend in these adorable leopard Uggs!

So, whether you opt for a great statement top or a pair of wedges, let your animal instincts come out this fall!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

primed and ready!  

As I get older, I have noticed that it is a little harder to achieve perfectly, flawless skin. I am not one to wear foundation, so I was at a loss! I received a free sample of Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer at Sephora a few months ago, and fell in love! You can use as a primer for under your foundation or alone. The primer is made of a really lightweight blend of vitamins A&E, grape seed extract and green tea, so not only does it give you a smooth velvety finish but it is great for your skin! It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores, and who doesn't want that??!! I am telling you it makes my skin look flawless without having the look of a heavy foundation. At $36.00 it is worth every penny!! Give this primer a try this weekend, I promise you will love the way it makes you look!! Let me know what you think once you try it!

Winner of Best of Sephora Award for Best Primer, one of Marie Claire's "25 Products That Will Change Your Life", InStyle Best Beauty Buy. 

Thursday, October 22, 2009

singing in the rain...  

Not sure about you, but I never liked rainy days...until now! There are so many cool rain boots, a.k.a."wellies" out there these days, that it almost makes a rainy day fun! These fabulous water-proof boots look great and are functional too, now that is something we can all be happy about! Wellies look great with leggings and skinny jeans, but also look super cute with a knee length fall skirt! With all of the boots, I would recommend warm socks! Here are a few that I found:

Hunter Original- $114.95 at
These come in 11 different colors! These are ideal for walking in a park or in the city!

Chinese Laundry- $58.95 at
These come in 3 different colors, but I think the red is fabulous!

Stuart Weitzman "Puddles" Leopard Rain Boots- $98.00 at
These rain boots will bring out the "animal" in all of us!

Chooka Buffalo Plaid- $59.95 at
The adjustable buckle strap at the top, adds a little something extra to this fun boot!

J.Crew- Wool and Rubber riding boot- $120.00 at
Add a little luxury to your next rainly day with these imported wool tweed boots!

So moms... grab a pair of rain boots and make your next rainy day a fashionable one!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

free from chemicals  

Did you know that most of the shampoos on the market have the same harsh chemicals that are found in garage cleaners and engine degreasers?? It's true! Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates, the same Surfactants that are used in household cleaners are used in our shampoo! These harsh detergents are cheap to use, which is why they end up in our shampoo. The theory that the more the shampoo foams and bubbles the better it NOT TRUE! It means that product has more harsh sulfates in it, which damage your hair! Studies have been done to show that continued use of these chemicals leads to hair loss! Ladies, I know you do not want that to happen! These harsh chemicals are also the culprit for fading hair color (highlights, all over color, etc). If you are like me, and spend A LOT of money a year on your hair, then you will want to listen up! I am here to save your hair! Companies are starting to create sulfate-free shampoos. I have tried a few, and have some favorites:

1. Enjoy- sulfate free hydrating shampoo and conditioner $59.00 for 32 oz on both shampoo and conditioner)

2. Tigi- Bed Head Superstar Sulfate free shampoo $22.96 for a 25 oz bottle on

3. Pureology- Hydrate shampoo and conditioner $85.99 for 33 oz set on

4. L'oreal EverPure- the most inexpensive sulfate free that I have found. In my opinion it is not as hydrating as the others mentioned, but if you do not need a lot of hydration then this could work for you! Shampoo is $5.97 at Walmart.

These are just a few sulfate free shampoos that I have tried, there are many more out there! Please take my advice and give these a try! You may spend a bit more then you normally would, but you are going to save your hair!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

football fashion  

Whether you are a fan of the game or not, it is a favorite American pastime to get together during the fall and watch football, or at least pretend to watch and just eat the taco dip and guacamole! Not sure what to wear on game day? I am going to help you whether you have a favorite team or not, you are going to look football game ready(and cute) the next time you gather with family or friends to watch a game! The following are some things that I have found:

Alyssa Milano has a new line of NFL merchandise for ladies!

  • The tribute hoody- $44.99- you can show your team loyalty with this terry hoody and pair of leggings or skinny jeans.
  • The draft day jacket- $59.99- this is for the more hardcore fans of the game! Show your team pride with this full zip jacket. This is great for tailgaiting! Pair it with your favorite jeans!
  • Long Sleeve fade out tee- $39.99- for the very fashion conscience fan, this long sleeve tee would look great with jeans.

Old Navy acquired the NFL license!

Vintage tees for $19.99- Show off your team spirit in style with a vintage tee and jeans. This is a great layering piece, wear a long sleeve solid color underneath!

NFL has a breast cancer awareness line.

Breast Cancer jersey- $59.99 show your support for the cause and your team! Jerseys can be worn with denim or leggings depending on the length!

NFL logo tee- $19.99 if you do not have a favorite team, just support the cause and look like you are a football fan in this vintage tee. Wear it with jeans and a cardigan!

Replica jerseys are cheaper if you buy a youth size!

If you are a smaller woman you can buy a kids jersey and save about $25.00!

So the next time you are watching a football game or just eating the yummy food, you are going to look like a fan, and a cute one too!!

ps. sorry about all of the Steelers merchandise...I am a HUGE fan, and can't help myself!!

**NFL and Alyssa Milano merchandise can be found at**

Monday, October 19, 2009

freaky fashion  

Halloween is fast approaching!! Do you have a costume party to go to and your not sure what to wear, or a gathering at your child's school and you need to look festive, just not sure how?!! I have found that dressing up for Halloween is a tricky thing as an adult and especially now as a mom! I do not want to be that person that goes over board, but at the same time I do not want to be that mom that is a total bore and does nothing at all! SO, if you are in the same predicament, I have a few fun solutions!! I have come up with some fun, inexpensive ways to celebrate the holiday without having to use fake blood!

1. Grab a fun pair of halloween themed knee high socks and wear with a simple black dress or skirt, and a cute pair of black flats. (2 pairs above by Betsy Johnson from TJ Maxx $7.99 for both) This look works well for a daytime or night time party, depending on how short the dress is!!

2. Wear a pair of fishnets with a black dress or skirt and throw on a witch's hat! Pull of the witch costume without going over the top or breaking the bank, oh and you can look sexy too!

3. Grab a pair of devil horns or cat ears and wear with a black dress(cat ears shown with feathers from for $8.99).

With all of these looks you should wear one of the following nail polishes:
    Suzie skies in the Pyrenees (gunmetal) or Here today...Aragon tomorrow (dark green) or just a plain black polish!

Whatever you decide, I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!

Friday, October 16, 2009

make a statement!  

Let's face it moms, we do not get out as much as we used to! So, when we do...we must make a statement! I am talking, look in the mirror and say "wow"! A "statement necklace", is a great way to add a little spice to your outfit with out having to buy new clothes. You can add a necklace to a simple top and jeans, and all of a sudden you are ready for a night out!
Here are a few that I found, in a couple of different price ranges:

J.Crew Jeweled Garland Necklace $150.00- I love the grosgrain bows and the handset glass stones on this piece, it feels very feminine. Would look great with an LBD!

Banana Republic Floral Grid Necklace $125.00- The mixed metals and ribbon closure make this necklace very elegant, yet perfect to dress up a plain white shirt and jeans.

Nordstrom- Liz Palacios Charm Necklace on sale for $37.90
With the gunmetal finish this necklace is a bit more edgy, yet the fresh water pearls and Swarovski crystals add a bit of femininity to it! Perfect with jeans!

Forever 21 Mixed Chain Necklace $17.80-  This multi strand piece is feminine yet edgy and let's face it...the price is right!
Perfect with jeans and a simple top, or an LBD.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

As promised, here is something helpful for around the house! Many of you may know this trick already, but my mother in law told me about it and it really works!
Do your bath towels start to smell after awhile? Well I have a solution..vinegar!
Yes, plain white vinegar. Add a cup of vinegar to your wash in addition to your detergent.
Depending on how stinky the towels are you may need to do this twice! I promise it works! So, no fashion advice today, but maybe I saved you some money, now instead of buying new towels you can go buy some skinny jeans!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

nailed it!  

Not sure what color nail polish to wear this season? I am going to show you my top 5 favorites for Fall 2009! Now remember Moms it is okay to push the envelope a bit! Do not be afraid to try the darker colors for fall! Yes, you may want to get those rubber gloves out when you are doing the dishes...but oh well that is the price we pay to look good! Oh and did I mention go treat yourself to a manicure, these colors are a little difficult to do on your own!
Ok, so here are my favorites:

1. Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI- This is my tried and true all time favorite! This deep burgundy shade looks great on shorter nails. It gives that almost black look without appearing too goth!

2. Mink Muffs by Essie- If you want a more classy refined look, this is the color you want for Fall! This taupe shade is certainly less edgy than some of the darker colors, however still very in style!

3. Midnight Cami by Essie-
This inky hue is great for a more sexy/sultry look ! Great for a night out with the husband. Again this darker shade looks great on shorter nails, and toes too!

4. Here today...Aragon Tomorrow by OPI- Green polish is new this Fall and is all over Hollywood!
This dark emerald hue is definately edgy, but
very fun to wear! It is a great color to wear during the holidays!

5. Suzi Skies in the Pyrenees by OPI-
This blue/grey shade is perfect for this season's polished looks!
Grey is everywhere this fall and now it is on your hands too! This shade also comes in a matte finish or "suede". I would not recommend this finish for moms, as it does not have the staying power of the gloss finishes!

Have fun with color this Fall!!

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