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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

football fashion  

Whether you are a fan of the game or not, it is a favorite American pastime to get together during the fall and watch football, or at least pretend to watch and just eat the taco dip and guacamole! Not sure what to wear on game day? I am going to help you whether you have a favorite team or not, you are going to look football game ready(and cute) the next time you gather with family or friends to watch a game! The following are some things that I have found:

Alyssa Milano has a new line of NFL merchandise for ladies!

  • The tribute hoody- $44.99- you can show your team loyalty with this terry hoody and pair of leggings or skinny jeans.
  • The draft day jacket- $59.99- this is for the more hardcore fans of the game! Show your team pride with this full zip jacket. This is great for tailgaiting! Pair it with your favorite jeans!
  • Long Sleeve fade out tee- $39.99- for the very fashion conscience fan, this long sleeve tee would look great with jeans.

Old Navy acquired the NFL license!

Vintage tees for $19.99- Show off your team spirit in style with a vintage tee and jeans. This is a great layering piece, wear a long sleeve solid color underneath!

NFL has a breast cancer awareness line.

Breast Cancer jersey- $59.99 show your support for the cause and your team! Jerseys can be worn with denim or leggings depending on the length!

NFL logo tee- $19.99 if you do not have a favorite team, just support the cause and look like you are a football fan in this vintage tee. Wear it with jeans and a cardigan!

Replica jerseys are cheaper if you buy a youth size!

If you are a smaller woman you can buy a kids jersey and save about $25.00!

So the next time you are watching a football game or just eating the yummy food, you are going to look like a fan, and a cute one too!!

ps. sorry about all of the Steelers merchandise...I am a HUGE fan, and can't help myself!!

**NFL and Alyssa Milano merchandise can be found at**

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