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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

very rewarding...  

Let's face it, we all like getting something for free, especially these days! I have found that more and more retailers are implementing reward programs to intice shoppers! These programs are not just for groceries anymore! From books to makeup, retailers are giving the consumer a way to earn something for their continued loyalty. I have found 2 in particular that I really love!!  Sephora's Beauty Insider program and Nordstrom's "mod card". The Nordstrom "mod card" is more like a debit card than a rewards program, however, I treat it like one! You will understand once I explain!
I am a strong supporter of these programs. If a store is going to reward you for shopping, why not give them the business over the competition. If I have to buy make-up I will go to Sephora just so that I can earn points! If I have to buy anything else, I go to Nordstrom (my friends can attest to this)!!!
Here is how each one works:

Instead of using a Nordstrom credit card (my husband would kill me) I use the Mod Card. It acts as a debit card. Each week, the total amount I have spent at Nordstrom gets added up and deducted from my checking account. Why use this and not just use my debit card you ask?? Nordstrom gives me 2 points per dollar spent on my mod card! When I total 2000 points I receive a $20.00 Nordstrom Note (gift certificate) in the mail! During certain times of the year, (Anniversary Sale and 1/2 yearly sale) they will give you double or triple the amount of points per dollar spent! So I figure, why not give Nordy the business, if they are going to give me something in return!!

Sign up for a free Beauty Insider card and start earning points immediately. You get 1 point per dollar spent and then receive a free delux sample when you reach 100 points!, enough for multiple uses and I fell in love! They also give you a "get-gorgeous"gift on your birthday! So, why wouldn't you shop at sephora for your beauty needs??!!

So ladies, check out the reward programs in your mall and sign up!! It's time we get something for free!!

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