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Monday, October 5, 2009

comfort matters!  

You know the saying, "fashion hurts"??! Well this fall it doesn't have to! Leggings are all the rage! Yes moms, we can be comfortable and still be on trend! Like the skinny jean, you do not need to be tall and thin to wear leggings, you just need to know how to wear them:
1. with a tunic top
2. with a menswear inspired blazer
3. with a menswear inspired woven shirt (long enough to cover the tush of course)!
4. a cardigan layered over a tank or tee (again long enough to cover the tush)
5. with flats, a fun pair of heels or boots (uggs look super cute)!

J Crew does a great job with cardigans and the menswear pieces mentioned above!

Now, where are you going to find your leggings and how much do you need to spend??!!
Well, as with anything there are leggings for $20 and some for $200.00. Of course, I would not want you to spend the latter amount!

Here is what I recommend:
Nordstrom- Hue makes a great nylon/spandex legging for about $28.00. Very comfortable and washes well.

For those of you a little more daring and fashion forward, you can try the "liquid legging"(as shown to the right). This is the legging that Lindsay Lohan is always photographed in. For a night out with the hubby, these would look hot with a pair of heels!
Nordstrom has them online for 24.90 by Trouve.

Denim leggings (as shown to the left) are new this season! They are a great alternative to the skinny jean, and much more comfortable! Madewell has great denim leggings, for about $60.00 and worth every penny! American Apparel has them for $42.00. Denim leggings are perfect with a blazer for a more polished look or flip flops for a casual look!

So if you want to be comfortable, but still in style go get a pair of leggings!!

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1 comments: to “ comfort matters!

  • Lisa
    October 9, 2009 at 2:00 PM  

    I recently rocked the liquid leggings! I was a little scared at first but I got SOOO many compliments... they def give you a longer, leaner appearance!

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