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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

free from chemicals  

Did you know that most of the shampoos on the market have the same harsh chemicals that are found in garage cleaners and engine degreasers?? It's true! Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates, the same Surfactants that are used in household cleaners are used in our shampoo! These harsh detergents are cheap to use, which is why they end up in our shampoo. The theory that the more the shampoo foams and bubbles the better it NOT TRUE! It means that product has more harsh sulfates in it, which damage your hair! Studies have been done to show that continued use of these chemicals leads to hair loss! Ladies, I know you do not want that to happen! These harsh chemicals are also the culprit for fading hair color (highlights, all over color, etc). If you are like me, and spend A LOT of money a year on your hair, then you will want to listen up! I am here to save your hair! Companies are starting to create sulfate-free shampoos. I have tried a few, and have some favorites:

1. Enjoy- sulfate free hydrating shampoo and conditioner $59.00 for 32 oz on both shampoo and conditioner)

2. Tigi- Bed Head Superstar Sulfate free shampoo $22.96 for a 25 oz bottle on

3. Pureology- Hydrate shampoo and conditioner $85.99 for 33 oz set on

4. L'oreal EverPure- the most inexpensive sulfate free that I have found. In my opinion it is not as hydrating as the others mentioned, but if you do not need a lot of hydration then this could work for you! Shampoo is $5.97 at Walmart.

These are just a few sulfate free shampoos that I have tried, there are many more out there! Please take my advice and give these a try! You may spend a bit more then you normally would, but you are going to save your hair!!

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