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Friday, October 9, 2009

out with the old  

I woke up the other morning and put on my usual: workout pants and a t-shirt, however, I was immediately disgusted!! My t-shirts were all starting to get arm pit stains!

How could this happen?? I guess these t-shirts were a little older than I remembered them to be! I wasn't going to let myself get defeated by these gross little things in my drawer!
I immediately remembered what my good friend Lauren Rothman, a stylist in Washington DC, told me once:
She tells her clients; "THROW AWAY all of your old arm pit stained t-shirts! There is no reason you should be wearing them! You will feel so much better once you do it!"
So, I did it! I threw away all of my old nasty t-shirts! It was so liberating!! My dog looked at me like I was nuts!
During my t-shirt trashing frenzy, I knew in the back of my mind that I could go to the Gap Outlet, and for no more than $12.00 a t-shirt, I could replenish my drawer!
So that is what I did, and I feel so much better every morning!!
The Gap Outlet has great t-shirts in pima cotton(very soft), cotton with a bit of stretch, in crew neck or v-neck and in a wide variety of colors! If you happen to be there during one of the 50% off t-shirt sales they will only be around $6.00. They are great quality for the price!
So Moms, I suggest you take a few minutes this weekend and clean out your t-shirt drawer, and then make your husband take you to the nearest Gap Outlet for some fabulous new ones!
You will thank me!!

If you have any suggestions on t-shirts with great quality and value let us know!!

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