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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The power of Oxy!!  

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial...I have to share this story and the amazing power of Oxy Clean!
My husband and I took Ethan with us to happy hour on Saturday. It was a beautiful evening so, naturally I dressed him in a new spring outfit.  We each had a glass of vino and then saw that all of our friends were in the park, across the street, with the kiddos and wine!  We decided to head over, however, I was a little hesitant, due to the "new spring outfit".  Let me explain this outfit- Ethan had on a BRAND NEW pink argyle polo shirt, with BRAND NEW white sneakers!
All was going well, as I tried really hard to keep Ethan out of the mud/dirt. A few glasses of wine in, I lost track of him for a second, and realized he was trying to get himself a cup of what he thought was "wadu"(Ethan's version of water)!  Much to our surprise, the cup that he reached for and proceeded to dump on himself was full of RED WINE!!!
Now, if you know me, you can guess my reaction!! I FREAKED!
All I could think of was "the poor pink polo"!! The wine had spilled all down the front of him and of course onto his new sneaks too!
My good friend tried to calm me down by telling me that "oxy clean will get it out"!
From a prior episode with red wine (those of you at my wedding know what I am referring to) I thought that the polo was toast!
I took my friends advice and followed her back to her house, where we sprayed a good amount of Oxy Clean on the polo and then washed it immediately.
Guess what...IT WORKED!! There was not a trace of red wine on the pink polo!!!
I was such a skeptic, and now I am a believer! That stuff really works!
So Moms, if you do not have a stain remover that you can me and go get some Oxy Clean!!
Oh BTW- the sneakers are ok too...thanks to my Clorox Wipes!!

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