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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yummie Tummie  

I just got back from Miami, the city where everyone is 6 feet tall and SKINNY!!
I swear those amazons could not have had any children yet! I was feeling really good about my post baby bod, until I arrived in SOBE!  However, after a few cocktails poolside, I got over it!  
I am back home now and wondering how much more I need to work out to look THAT good! And then I turned on Martha Stewart!
The fashion segment yesterday featured a product called Yummie Tummie. I was instantly intrigued!
This fabulous item slims your mid section and camouflages all lumps and bumps!  They claim to eliminate approximately 5 pounds! From body suits to panties to simple tanks, Yummie Tummies come in a ton of slimming and sexy colors and prints.
Prices range from about $42 to $100. A little pricey, but we are talking 5 pounds slimmer!!

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