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Thursday, November 5, 2009

big time!  

Whether you need a new watch or just love having multiple time piece options..I am here to help! Large, man sized watches are very in style right now. From diver watches to fun, plastic, flourescent ones, I have a feeling you are going to find one that fits your personality! These necessary accessories are a instant update to your look, without having to spend too much money. You can look like a million bucks with any of the affordable options below! Check out some of my personal faves, and the next time someone asks you for the time, I promise you will be so excited!!

Zodiac Sea Dragon- from the Diver Collection $175

Zodiac Streamline- Elegant and sophisticated. $227.99(sale)

ToyWatch Plasteramic Collection- Easily update any look with this on trend flourescent pink watch! $195

Juicy Couture "Spoltlight" Watch- Reasonable price for this super chic watch with roman numerals and Swarovski crystals! $150

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