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Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day on a Budget  

Looking for something special to wear on Valentine's Day, but don't want to spend a lot?
I am here to help! 
Right after Christmas every year, retailers go from red and green to red and pink! They make sure that store fronts are screaming Valentine's Day. With this, is the idea that you as the consumer will get so in the mood, "so to speak", that you will drop tons of money on candy, lingerie, cards, etc.. 

As moms, our focus and our money go to our children...but on Valentine's day it's about our husbands! We can not forget about them! So, if you want to look cute/sexy that night,but do not want to break the bank doing so, do not worry. I have done some retail research and found some affordable options for you! I have found over the years, that you do not need to buy the items specifically marketed as "Valentine's Day" items. Why not look through the clearance racks and think outside of the "red and pink" box?!!

Here are a few piece that I thought were cute/sexy and at great price points!

Victoria's Secret- Striped Baby Doll
Clearance price $18.99 orig $38.00
The contrast bows and buttons make this super 
feminine! Comes with matching v-string.

Betsy Johnson- Leopard Print
Clearance price- $49.90 orig $75.00
Look sassy in leopard print! Pink bows at 
the bodice add a flirty touch!

I think boy shorts are super cute!
Worn with a little cami, it's both comfortable and practical, while still looking sexy! Here are a few that I found:

Victoria's Secret- Cheeky Lace Trim Boy Shorts
Clearance price $3.99 orig $9.50
These come in 6 fun colors and are flirty and fun!

Victoria's Secret Ruffled Panty
Clearance price $5.99 orig $16.00
Very flirty with a little embellishment on your
rear! Comes in 4 colors.

Juicy Couture "Sweet" Boy Shorts
Clearance price $8.90 orig $18.00
These sweet little shorts come wrapped like 
a piece of cake! Super fashionable, super cute!

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