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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No Smudge No Budge  

If you are like me, and can not stand the sight of your eyeliner smeared under your eyes, by the end of the day, then this one is for you.
Ever since I gave birth to Ethan, I have stopped wearing eyeliner on my bottom lids.
I wonder sometimes why I look half dead, and then I realize I am not wearing eyeliner.  I just do not have time to keep checking my make-up in the mirror, and I refuse to look like a raccoon all day long! Well, I am sick of looking the way I do.. 

I was at my hair salon the other day, complaining to my stylist Barry about my eyeliner issues. I told him that I stopped wearing eye liner on my bottom lid, and my reasoning. 
That is when he told me about an eyeliner by MAC that is water-proof and does not run all over the place!

Skeptical, I went to Nordstrom and tried some on, wore it through dinner, and was amazed that when I got home it was still where it was supposed to be! 
So, of course I ran out and bought it the next day! 
MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil is amazing! It's easy to apply and does not smudge! 
I suggest you try it! It's only $14.50.

Of course if you want the dramatic look of smokey eyes, this is not the product for you! It's perfect for your daytime looks...

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